Paul Sommerville QFA is founder and CEO of Sommerville Advisory Markets (SAM).

Paul has over 34 years’ experience in the financial industry and is a regular commentator in news and print media. Previous appearances include BBC, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, RTE TV and radio, Newstalk, TV3 and the Max Keiser show on Russia Today. He has also been a regular contributor to many Irish publications including Sunday Independent, Farmers Journal, Sunday Business Post and Sunday Times.

He returned to Ireland in 2008 having spent the majority of his financial career in London and Japan working in an advisory capacity in the derivatives market most notably for Tullett & Tokyo the largest derivatives broker in the world at that time. Paul Sommerville more recently held roles as Head of the Advisory teams at Agincourt Financial ltd and Delta Index before setting up his own firm, Sommerville Advisory Markets, in 2011.

Paul has a passion for financial markets and his no nonsense approach and clear communication skills have earned him much acclaim. He is regularly called upon to explain, in simple terms, difficult financial topics to the nation on business news programmes. He is in regular speaker at corporate events and privately to senior corporate financial decision makers.

Paul Sommerville has devoted his entire professional life to making financial markets more accessible and easily understandable for investors.

He has designed this educational course to further that goal.

If you are interested in learning about financial markets you are in very good and experienced hands.

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