Investing: Educational Masterclass

Thank you for taking the time to enquire regarding my Investing: Educational Masterclass – intensive, one-week, course.

Please email if you would like details regarding the course, including prices and an outline of the course material.

There are two ways to attend the course:

  1. By our schedule, doing two modules each morning (1 hour each, back to back) over the course of the week, starting Monday morning finishing Friday.
  2. Or by using the “on demand” function you can attend at your own pace, each session is recorded so you can access it in your own time to attend at a time convenient to you. This flexibility means if you are under time pressure you can complete the course at times suitable to your own schedule. We give you plenty of time to finish (6 weeks) or re-watch the course if you wish.

The reviews from our series of courses just completed have been excellent and somewhat humbling so please go through them if you are contemplating attending.

For the next starting date please email

Or to ask any questions please email Paul directly at