These are the actual replies received from attendees earlier this year. The comments have not been changed in any way.

Well what can I say?

Thank you for putting this course together as it has given me anyway a rare high level insight into the Investment world.

You have provided more insight in these 10 hours than I have got from all the fund managers / financial advisors in my past 20 years, so I tip my hat to you Paul as you are top of the class in your field.

– John

Just said I would email you back to thank you for allowing me to attend your 1 week training course last week.

As a younger investor, I was looking for an insight into the state of the markets along with identifying a number of indicators and trends that would help me to regularly review the markets and make informed investment decisions.

Your course covered all of this and more in great detail. In particular, I found the segments on gold, bonds & the impact dollar price has on markets brilliant.

I just finished class 7 and 8.  The course was fantastic thank you, a magnificent amount of information!  Feedback:  I think this format is more beneficial to someone like me than the one day intensive course, which would be bamboozling in intensity.  I like that I can go back over the information at my leisure.  I mentioned before I am a novice to this arena

– Alan

Thank you very much for the course over the past week, I really enjoyed it, one of the best things I have done in a long time. I think you come across very passionate and honest in the webinars which is how I like to think I approach my own business.

– Aidan

Many thanks for the course and the effort you have put into it. I found it to be very informative and gave me a great insight into the wider market. I would 100% recommend this to anyone interested in investing or even for people to understand global financial systems.

– Joe

The course is very informative. Your reticence about an overheated market place and the paramount importance to enter any investment at a low price point to optimise returns, has confidently saved me error costs equal to the course costs so thank you.

– Mike

I booked at the last minute after hearing your ad so was not sure what to expect, I’m so glad I did. Thanks for the education! Appreciated.

– Brendan

Just a quick message to say thanks for the course I have to say it’s very interesting so far.

– Peter

Thank you for all the information over the past week, it has definitely been insightful and informative

– Martin

Thank you for your course which I enjoyed. I have recently retired and, although I have had an interest in the market, I never understood anything about it and therefore avoided it.

– Robert

I listened to your various webinars over the last few days, and I enjoyed them, in particular, the contrarian & independent nature of your commentary.

– James

I found the course very interesting and I have learnt a lot from it, I think it is easier to do a couple of hours a day at home instead of trying to take all the information in one day

Needless to say I’ve really enjoyed the course and love your practical, no nonsense and honest approach.

– Tomas

I really enjoyed your course… Also the delivery and healthy scepticism of financial markets and insiders

– David

I found your course very informative and I now have a much better appreciation on how the financial markets operate.

– Maurice

The course was great and i really liked it, very informative and as a novice at this I have taken a lot of learnings from it.

– Barry

I am currently involved in your investing masterclass and have found it extremely helpful and interesting.  I am looking to make some long term investments. I was very interested in what you had to say about India and its potential

– Jack

I really did enjoy the course and found it very educational and I have recommended it to a few friends.

– Frank

I find your course exceptionally informative and relevant. I have Cash which is why I am doing the course with a view to looking at investing it.

– John

Thank you so much for this excellent course . While I am in junior infants with regard to knowledge of the financial world I have certainly learnt a huge amount this week.

– Jill.

Thank you so much for this excellent course . While I am in junior infants with regard to knowledge of the financial world I have certainly learnt a huge amount this week.

– Jill.