Sommerville Advisory Markets offers advisory and execution services to clients across the full universe of CFDs; spread trading, FX, Shares and Commodities.

SAM’s Advisory service offers straight talking short and medium term investment advice to your email or phone.

The service provides both technical and fundamental analysis as well as carefully researched investment ideas from our in-house research team. Clear trade recommendations and risk management help.

Our aim is to assist our clients to make decisive and well informed trading decisions, eliminating ambiguity often found with fundamental analytics. We will suggest a clear trading bias with appropriate risk protections.

Short term traders receive real time text alerts for indices, FX and stocks to capitalise on short term opportunities. (Medium term traders can opt out this service)

Main Features:

• Clear concise, independent trading advice
• Trade recommendations by email and Text
• Real time updates and market intelligence 
• Bespoke strategies for premium accounts
• Technical analysis and Risk Management
• Specialised Currency and commodity advice for Exports and Agri-Food sector
• Text trade recommendations for short term traders
• Pre-market briefing
• Latest broker recommendations
• Corporate and economic events for the day ahead


- Free service for accounts over 50 k
- Free premium service for accounts over 100k
- Subscription fee for accounts under 50k
- Subscriber service for those without accounts with us 
(See subscription service.)