CEO Message

The CEO and head of Advisory of SAM in Dublin is Paul Sommerville

CEO Message 
Since returning to Ireland in 2008 I have been shocked by the high charges and poor advice available from the traditional brokers

in the Irish market . Our aim is to provide clear concise independent trading advice and execution services at a reasonable price.

SAM’s Advisory service offers straight talking short and medium term investment advice to your email or phone. We provide personalised bespoke strategies according to a client’s risk profile and investment objectives. Clear advice – No waffle.

We do not believe you should be charged for the privilege of us holding your money so our managed accounts do not charge “management fees “ but charge performance fees i.e. a percentage of new profits made for you. We believe in our ability to deliver results through absolute return strategies and our price structure backs that belief. There are no Annual charges.

The core ethos to absolute return investment strategies is to attain a positive percentage return on assets over time, regardless of market direction and conditions.

Safety of deposits, accountability, and transparency are what we strive to provide, that is why SAM holds no client monies.  All client monies are held in UK in Segregated individual client accounts at the clearing broker where the client can access at all times and receive real time statements 24 hours a day.  Withdrawals can be made at any time.

We strive to be the best so we have partnered with the best. (See our partners)

For too long Irish investors have been exposed to high charges and poor advice, we are here to change that.

The investment world has changed and those who adapt will survive and thrive.